How to make the right use
of the snap knife for beginners.

  • Hold it right way.

  • Cut as you write with a pen.

  • Do not expose
    more than you should.

  • What you need to make a cut is one blade segment exposure.

  • Watch your hand.

  • Never put your other hand in the way of the ESK-1.

How to make the right use
of the special
Blade Snapper/Blade Disposal Case

  • A new sharp edge
    with just a snap.

  • Mountain-fold, then valley-fold along the break line; it’s super easy-to-do.

  • Do not throw out
    more than needs.

  • Do not expose you and your neighbors to danger!

  • If you should have a
    remaining piece of plastic...

  • Always use scissors, not your fingers, to be on the safe side.

  • Make sure used blade segments
    are in the container.

  • Make sure that they come into it, being safely at the container bottom.

  • Disposing of blade segments
    stored up inside.

  • When it is full, unscrew the screw and open the yellow lid.

How to safely exchange blades

  • How to load
    a new blade in safety

  • OLFA blades are extremely sharp. Always watch your fingers.

  • Disconnecting the end cap

  • Take it off while the blade slider is locked firmly.


  • Snap-off a dull blade and instantly get a new sharp fresh point.
  • Use the dedicated blade snapper.
  • Use OLFA blades “ESKB-1.”
  • Blade is extremely sharp. Handle with care.
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not immerse or clean in any type of spirits or solvent.