Blade Disposal Cases

  • DC-6

    The DC-6 turns “tense” snapping-off into a certain type of amusement! It accommodates most OLFA cutters, from the sharp angle SAC-1 to heavy-duty models, and can be used as a hand-held portable blade disposal case, as well as used in the office with the d


  • DC-5

    The DC-5, featuring easy blade snapping, is perfect to carry around on their belts for quality-conscious professionals. The Blade Disposal Holster gets a user a fresh edge briefly, and then stores used segments not to litter up a workplace.


  • DC-4

    Pocket type blade disposal case. Features a push-open type lid for safety blade snapping.


  • DC-3

    The DC-3 blade disposal can features a black plastic "tambour door" that securely covers the blade slot when not in use and slides open when the user is ready to snap a new edge. It easily fits into a pocket, toolbox, or designers workstation.


  • DC-2

    The deluxe DC-2 blade disposal case features a metal slot to easily snap off extra heavy-duty HB blade. The lid can be opened and DC-2 can safely hold even 60mm rotary blades. The stored blades can be discarded separately and reused.


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