Extra length Heavy-Duty Cutter for jobs requiring extra "reach". Equipped with an anti-slip rubber.

Product information

Product NameXL-2
Product NumberXL-2
PackingBlister Packed

Example usage



  • LB

    Well-balanced sharpness and durability. Heavy-duty blade.

  • LBB

    Ultra-Sharp Black Blade for professional-use. Heavy-duty blade.

  • LBD

    Double segments heavy-duty blade.

  • LB-SOL

    Solid type heavy-duty blade.

  • LFB

    Fluorine coated heavy-duty blade “Speed Blade” cuts 2 times as fast through cardboard, when compared to the LBB.

  • LWB

    The wave-shaped edge cuts slippy hard-to-cut materials, such as thermal insulations.


  • Heavy-Duty Models

    Featuring the 18mm blade, the heavy-duty handles are best suited for versatile cutting works.

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