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Why are most of the OLFA products yellow?

The body color of OLFA products was selected by Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION. He decided on a soft yellow color similar to egg yolk because it was associated with “safety” and “familiar” images.
This shade of yellow is the official corporate color of OLFA CORPORATION.

Are all snap-off blades used with cutter knives the same size regardless of who makes them?

There are no standards that specify the size of snap-off blades. But, many other manufacturers are making blades of the same size that OLFA founder Yoshio Okada used for the world’s first cutter knife, because users would not benefit if every company had their own sizes. In any case, we cannot guarantee that blades of other manufacture are compatible with OLFA products.

How long does a single blade last?

How long a blade lasts depends on various factors like the material that is cut, how the cutter is used and whether or not a mat is used. For that reason, we do not instruct users to change blades after cutting a specific number of meters. A blade should be changed when is no longer cuts effectively. An easy when to determine that is to check how clean cut edges are. When edges no longer come out clean, it’s time to change the blade.

What are the notched corners on blades about?
Blades have notched corners on the leading and trailing edges. The notched corner on the trailing edge helps the blade to slide smoothly. The notched corner on the leading edge serves to separate a strip of blades during the manufacturing process. This front-edge notch is an easy way to identify an unused strip of snap-off blades.
Where can I find detailed product dimensions?

Product drawings, detailed dimensions and tolerances are trade secrets of OLFA. For rough dimensions of snap-off blades, see the blade specifications page of this website.

What is the difference between the silver blades and the black blades?

OLFA’s silver and black blades are made of the same material, but the black blades are sharper, so they penetrate and cut materials better.

The silver blades balance cutting performance and durability, while the black blades are recommended for users who are looking for initial cutting power.

Can OLFA products be used to cut food?

The rustproofing oil coated on OLFA brand blades is not fit for human consumption, therefore do not use the blades to cut food.

Are OLFA products environment-friendly?

OLFA makes a “Green Series” of products that are environment-friendly. For more information, see the below webpage.
OLFA’s “Green Series” of products are made from recycled materials, but deliver the same durability and sharpness as regular products.

Can dull blades be sharpened and reused?

The good thing about OLFA’s snap-off blades is that you can snap off an old blade and get a brand new blade to cut with. So, if your current blade gets dull, rather than trying to file it, snap it off and use a fresh blade.

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