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Bag Cutter PK-1 opens sealed packages such as vacuum packaging, delivery bags, and food packages. With its long-lasting blades and simple operation, it’s easy for anyone to use, making it ideal for use in a variety of situations, from general households to professional workplaces.

Product information

Product NamePK-1
PackingPlastic Bag


User-Friendly Design

Just clip and slide. Then, the bag is open. Light and compact PK-1 is super easy to use for all.

No more worries about opening sealed packages!

PK-1 solves the problems and stresses of opening bags, such as “Can’t cut cleanly by hand even if there is a cut” or “Can’t cut well with scissors because the bag is too loose”.

Hard stainless-steel blade for long-lasting sharpness

Long-lasting hard stainless-steel blade is firmly fixed to the body by both physical and adhesive bonding. There are guides on the body for easy positioning of the blade. With the PK-1, improved work efficiency can be expected.

Enduring POM handle

Enduring POM Handle for repeated opening tasks. Polyacetal, which is known for its high durability, has a strong elasticity returning to its original shape. Reduced replacement cost can be expected.

Safety Lanyard Hole at the top end

Loss prevention cords can be attached to the safety lanyard hole at the top end for you to wear it around the neck for convenience. Also, it is convenient to hang it on hooks on the wall for storage.

Safety First

Blade is on the inner side of the handle, making it safe to use and unlikely to cause injury. To prevent injury when changing the blade, blade is not replaceable. Dispose of the whole knife when the blade gets dull.

For both left- and right-handed users

Sharp V-shaped blade cuts in two directions, making the PK-1 for both left- and right-handed users.

Compact size

The PK-1 fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to handle for those with small hands.

Washable with water

Washability of the PK-1 is perfect for work environment such as kitchens, where water is circulated.
※After washing, wipe off water and dry well.

Avoid Contamination

The risk of losing a piece of the bag is reduced as the PK-1 can start cutting from anywhere on a bag.

PK-1 opens sealed packages of various kinds

【For home and work】

For opening retort pouches, food bags, delivery bags, fertilizer bags and more. It can be used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor situations, both at home and at work.

【For centralized restaurant kitchens】

OLFA Bag Cutter PK-1 opens sealed packages such as vacuum packaging and food packages.



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