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Pen-type art knife designed for workmanship, suitable for model-making and other delicate work of art. The combination of the luxurious semi-gloss coated aluminum handle and nickel-plated grip has a moderate weight, making it stable and easy to hold.

* No blades are attached to the handle with shipment.

Product information

Product NameLTD-AK
PackingBlister Packed
AccessoriesKB (pack of 25 blades)


Perfect Weight Balance

Designed for workmanship, suitable for delicate works of art. The aluminum handle has a moderate weight, making it stable and easy to hold. The pen-type knife has a weight design that focuses on ease of cutting and is easy to adjust for the subtle force required in detailed work. The collar firmly grips the blade in place, so the blade does not wobble.

Luxurious Design

Luxurious semi-gloss coated aluminum handle

Package includes 25 spare blades.

【Blade container which can store used blades also】

New blades can be taken out by opening the lid from the side with “OPEN”, and used blades can be stored in the container through the slit in the middle.
* Slit for used blades is accesible only when the spare blade lid is open.


【How to take out used blades】

1. Open the lid from the side with “OPEN”
2. Open the used blade lid from the opposite end.
3. Remove used blades
* Follow instructions of your local authority for disposal of used blades.

How to replace blade

Loosen collar, remove used blade, set a new blade, and tighten the collar.
* Be careful of the slot direction.



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