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The deluxe DC-2 blade disposal case features a metal slot to easily snap off extra heavy-duty HB blade. The lid can be opened and DC-2 can safely hold even 60mm rotary blades. The stored blades can be discarded separately and reused.

Product information

Product NameDC-2
PackingPaper Box


Safe blade snapping & disposal

By using blade snapping slit, snapped blade edges fall into container directly, eliminating the risk of blade edges flying off.

Even large Rotary Blades can be stored

The lid can be opened and closed with the metal fitting. Rotary Blades, needles, pins, glass fragments, etc. can be disposed by putting them in as they are.

How to snap-off blades

(1) Hold cutter knife with your dominant hand and hold the DC-2 with the opposite hand.
* You can also place it on a desk and set it with your hand.
(2) Take out blade for one pitch and insert it with break line being parallel to blade snapping slit.
(3) Snap-off the blade by setting it so you snap away from the break lines in the blade.
* When container is full with blades, remove them from container, and follow instructions of your local authority for disposal. Please be extremely careful when removing blades from container.


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