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The DC-3 blade disposal can features a black plastic "tambour door" that securely covers the blade slot when not in use and slides open when the user is ready to snap a new edge. It easily fits into a pocket, toolbox, or designers workstation and is perfect for use at construction sites, industrial worksites, etc.

Product information

Product NameDC-3


Safe Blade Snapping & Disposal

By using the blade snapping slot, broken blade edges go straight inside, eliminating the risk of blades accidentally flying off. Sliding black safety cover prevents blades from coming out.
*Not compatible with 25 mm blades.

Portable Blade Disposal Container

With an overall length of 67 mm and a thickness of 24 mm, the DC-3 fits in the palm of your hand, making it highly portable.

Made of Environmentally Friendly Materials

Uses recycled plastic materials (100%).

How to snap-off the blade

(1)Open sliding cover and expose blade snapping slot.
(2) Hold the cutter handle with your dominant hand and the DC-3 with the opposite hand.
(3) Expose 1 blade segment and navigate it deep into the blade position.
(4) Snap-off the blade by setting it so you snap away from the break lines in the blade.
* Broken blade edges cannot be taken out.
* When used blades accumulate, dispose of the whole container. Please note methods of blade disposal differ depending on the region you live in, so please follow instructions of your local authority.


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