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Pocket type blade disposal case. Features a push-open type lid for safety blade snapping.

Product information

Product NameDC-4
PackingPaper Box


Safe Blade Snapping & Disposal

By using the blade snapping slot, broken blade edges go straight inside, reducing the risk of blades accidentally flying off. The slot opens only while it is pressed, so it cannot be opened accidentally.

Mounting hole for storage

Use the mounting hole for easy storage or keep one in your toolbox.

How to snap-off the blade

(1)Hold the cutter handle with your dominant hand and the DC-4 with the opposite hand.
(2)Press the top of the DC-4 to expose blade snapping slot.
(3)Expose 1 blade segment and navigate it deep into the blade position.
(4)Snap away from the break lines in the blade.

【How to take out blades】

Unscrew the screw to open and take out used blades inside. 


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