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Designed for quality-conscious professionals who snap off most frequently. The Blade Disposal Holster DC-5 features easy blade snapping in 2 blade positions and stores used segments while clipping on a tool bag, or a belt. Its compact size is perfect to carry around for one work day. Dispose used segments in bulk at the end of the day!

Product information

Product NameDC-5
PackingBlister Packed


Easy-to-insert blade snapping slits

By aligning blade with metal plate, the blade tip can be inserted into the slit safely and smoothly, making it user-friendly. The slits are located on both the left and right sides, making it for both left and right-handed users.

Belt Clip and Safety Lanyard holes

There is a hole at the top of the back side through which an anti-drop ring or similar device can be threaded. It also has a clip for attaching to a belt or waist pouch.

Blade Disposal Hole

When used blades accumulate, open the top lid and dispose of the blades. The line on the back side of the front lid is a guide for disposing of blades.
* Methods of blade disposal differ depending on the region you live in, so please follow instructions of your local authority.

Front lid for added safety

Except when snapping blades, the front lid can be closed completely to prevent blades from coming out.

How to snap-off the blade

①Insert blade firmly all the way so that the blade break line becomes parallel to the blade snapping slit.
②Snap-off the blade by setting it so you snap away from the break lines in the blade.


①Last blade edge should be disposed by hand by opening the front lid, not from blade snapping slits.
②Do not snap-off blade on front lid.


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