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Palm-sized Complete Desktop Blade Disposal System DC-6 makes people feel like snapping off. Just insert a stainless sheath with one blade segment exposed, and press the lever. All the snapping-off process takes place inside the container; the "fear" of snapping-off is gone and used blades are not scattered. It also can be an organizer as spare blades and cutters can be stored in the backside of the dock. The square-shaped container contains up to 15 x LB blades, 25 x MB blades, or 50 x AB blades, before disposing blades in bulk.

Product information

Product NameDC-6
PackingBlister Packed


Just push the lever to snap off

The lever-type blade snapper can easily snap off blades with light force and without a scare. The whole process takes place inside the container, eliminating the risk of blades accidentally flying off.

Compatible with 3 blade sizes

The DC-6 features three sizes of blade snapping slits to accommodate 3 different blade sizes: 9 mm, 12.5 mm and 18 mm.
* No guarantee for the use of competitors’ snap-off cutter knives and blades, and compatibility with discontinued OLFA handles.
* Not compatible with these handles: OLFA 25mm / 18mm OL, CL, LL, PL-1, SL-1, CMP-2, ML / 9mm PA-2, SPC-1, ES-1/green.

Process can be checked through the window

When snapping-off a blade, it is possible to check if blade is inserted firmly all the way and if blade has been snapped off.

Stand that can also be used for storage

The back of the DC-6 stand can also be used to store cutter knives and replacement blades together.

Usable as a portable blade snapper

The DC-6 can be removed from the stand and used as a hand-held blade snapper.

How to snap off a blade


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