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Deluxe compass cutter with ratchet system. Cuts circles from 1.6cm to 22cm in diameter. The spike can be coverd and the blade can be stored when not in use. Comes with 5 extra blades in the package.

Product information

Product NameCMP-1/DX
PackingBlister Packed
AccessoriesCOB-1 x11


Cut circles with ease

The CMP-1/DX is used to cut a circle through materials in the same way as a compass.
It can easily cut circles from 1.6 to 22 cm in diameter (4 to 22 cm in diameter when used with the hole prevention pad).
Recommended to use with an OLFA cutting mat when using CMP-1/DX.

Ratchet handle for effortless cutting

Turn the ratchet handle clockwise to cut. If you turn the ratchet handle counterclockwise while holding it in place, the main unit will not move.
* Blade cuts only when turned clockwise.

Hole Prevention Pad

The pad is included to prevent a hole from being made in the object to be cut.
*Please note that the needle may pierce through if too much force is applied.

Blade Replacement

Remove the screw and insert a new replacement blade correctly as shown in the figure.
* For safety, keep the cap on the needle when replacing the blade.

Use pliers to snap off blade before loading.



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