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Incredible as it may seem, the TS-1, TOP SHEET CUTTER with adjustable Auto Pressure Control function and a room for 2 spare blades, cuts only the top sheet! When cut object is as thin as a piece of newspaper, move its adjuster towards MIN sign, and to the contrary, when the cut object is thicker, slide its adjuster towards MAX sign and try. The “TS-1” takes its dedicated high quality alloy tool steel made, sharp and long-lasting blade “TSB-1” only.

Product information

Product NameTS-1
PackingBlister Packed
AccessoriesTSB-1 x3


For newspaper and magazine clippings

TS-1 can cut the top layer only while preserving material underneath. Built-in spring maintains constant pressure on the cutting edge, enabling stable single-sheet cutting that is not affected by the amount of force applied. For clipping newspapers and magazines.
* Recommended to test cut in an inconspicuous place.
* When cutting on something that should not be damaged, lay down a piece of unnecessary paper under the top layer.

How to use

(1) Adjust the pressure applied to the cutting edge according to the thickness of the object to be cut. Adjust the adjuster toward [MIN] for thin materials such as newspapers, and toward [MAX] for thick materials such as magazine covers to maintain a precise depth throughout the cut.
* The blade does not move even if the adjuster is moved.


(2) Cut by placing the blade tip side against the paper.

Cut with a ruler

Straight lines can be cut along a ruler up to 3 mm thick.

Blade Replacement

Pull out spare blade case at the rear of the main unit, and slide the slider backward to replace the blade. 2 replacement blades are stored in the blade container with shipment.



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