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New products in early 2020

New products in early 2020

Think Safety, Act Safely. Having one SK-15 handy can make your life easy.

The OLFA SK-15 is perfect not only for business purposes, but also for home use. Now it is individually packed, and then in a bright yellow shelf-ready box of 60.

New 3 blades for the Art Knife “AK-4”
The Art Knife Pro AK-4, with its wide array of blades, has several capabilities and helps you become an artist.
>AK-4 Professional art knife featuring ComfortGrip handle and quick-spin blade changing.

>KB4-NF [NEW] Narrow chisel blade.
>KB4-P/5 [NEW] Plastic art cutter blade.
>KB4-SC/2 [NEW] Scraper art blade.
>KB4-S/5 Precision blade.
>KB4-R/5 Curved carving blade.
>KB4-F Chisel blade.

New products in early 2020