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Amazing tool with an adjustable head that can be used as a scraper or a knife. The position of the head can be easily changed, and the appropriate angle can be set for your task.

Product information

Product NameBTC-1/DX
PackingBlister Packed


Head can be adjusted in positions from ① to ⑪

The greatest feature of the BTC-1/DX is the ability to freely change the position of the head. The position of the head can be changed easily with the screw lock. Scraping along a wall can be done with ease by changing the angle of the head.

How to adjust the head

Loosen the Head Fixing Screw to free the head. Tighten it after deciding the position and align the triangle mark with the guide on the handle.
* Head cannot be angled when in the center position.

The head can be flipped to switch from using as a Scraper and as a Knife

By switching the front and back of the blade, it can be used for a wide range of tasks.
The blade can be switched by loosening and removing the Head Fixing Screw.
* Scraper mode with factory setting
* Be careful not to lose the tiny Nylon Washer.

Examples of how BTC-1/DX is used

【For cutting leather】

【For scraping】

How to replace blade

Loosen the Blade Fixing Screw to free the blade and replace to a new one. Tighten it again in the reverse order.
* Be careful not to lose the silicone washer.
* Install the Blade Holding Plate in the correct direction.

Hinged Blade Cover

The Blade Cover made of polypropylene resin can be opened and closed with a single touch.

Safety Lanyard Hole

Safety Lanyard Hole to prevent accidents
* Lanyard is NOT included in the package.




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