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The new X-design solid 18MM handle, powered by a chrome-plated and hardened blade channel, is in a class by itself. The MXP-L equips the solidly built single-piece metal Wheel Lock with a satin finished surface, which is especially designed also for visual harmony with the premium handle.

Product information

Product NameMXP-L
PackingBlister Packed


Multi-layered construction for strength

Body strength is enhanced by the multi-layered construction of the double-injection molded rubber grip, die-cast aluminum body, and hardened chrome-plated stainless-steel blade holder.

Die-cast aluminum body and logo plate

The die-cast aluminum body and logo plate are baked coated (gunmetal color).

Stainless-steel blade channel is fully hardened for high strength

The fully hardened blade channel has high strength against bending and is not easily deformed when dropped. The chrome-plated finish also provides excellent wear resistance.

Non-slip X-design handle for a superior grip

The X-design handle is designed to help apply force without slipping.

Integral molding for sturdy screw locking

The one-piece metal screw is made by integrally pressure-molding the head and threaded part for superior durability and strength. Its surface is shot-blasted and nickel-plated for a good appearance.

Safety lanyard hole

Large lanyard hole at the end of the handle can be used to attach a lanyard, carabiner, or other metal fittings, making it useful in a variety of work environments where safety control is strictly required. The hole is positioned so that a lanyard does not interfere with work or blade replacement.

Preloaded with Excel Black blade

Excel black ultra-sharp LBB blade is preloaded. Our black blades have a sharper grinding angle than our standard silver blades and feature superior initial sharpness. 2-stage grinding makes it difficult for the sharp-angled blade to chip.




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