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X-Design 600MM-long professional heavy-duty scraper comes equipped with the 100MM-wide X 0.8MM-thick blade. No tools are required for blade replacement. The 0.5MM-thick BS, Flexible BSF and OLFA LB blade fit as well.

Product information

Product NameXSR-600
PackingBlister Packed


600 mm extra heavy-duty scraper

Longest handle length among our XSR scraper series. Ideal for tasks performed at heights or using both hands.

Hammerable grip end

The head section is strong against impact, making it possible to hammer the grip end.
* Scrape with the blunt side of blade when you hit with a hammer.

Non-slip rubber grip for superior handling and control

The X-design handle is designed to make it easy to apply force without slipping.

Die-cast head with a lanyard hole

The die-cast head features a scratch- and stain-resistant surface treatment. Safety lanyard hole is convenient for preventing dropping or losing and for storage, making it suitable for work environments that require strict safety control.
* A lanyard is NOT included in package.

Clip-on blade cover for safe storage

A one-touch detachable clip-on blade cover is included for safe storage. Blade cover can also be clipped on a waist pouch during work.
* Blade cover does not fit when the flexible BSF scraper blade (sold separately) is loaded.

Equipped with a sturdy 0.8 mm-thick scraper blade

Preloaded with a sturdy 0.8 mm-thick BS08 blade which is strong against impact, the XSR-300 makes it possible to hammer the grip end without having the edge nicked.

Type of replacement blades

How to replace blade

Loosen the screw and replace the blade by pushing down on the “PUSH” part on the back of the blade holding plate.
* Blade exchange procedure is the same for all 3 XSR scrapers.





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