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Disposable small knife with concealed blade for ultimate safety. No blades will get lost at workplaces. Its open channel design and stainless steel blade make the SK-15 easy to wash and NSF certified. 10 knives in a plastic bag. INTRODUCTION on VIDEO (YouTube)

Product information

Product NameSK-15/10/BLU
PackingPlastic Bag


Concealed Blade Disposable Cutter

Concealed blade design allows for continual blade exposure for demanding, repetitive cutting jobs. Concealed blade doesn’t come close to your fingers nor the goods inside, reducing the risk of injury and improves work efficiency.The SK-15 is disposable in consideration of the risk of injury and contamination of foreign matter that can occur when replacing the blade.Its concealed blade design reduces the risk of accidentally cutting contents of the package when unpacking.

Great for work and at home!

Ideal for opening cartons, cutting shrink wrap, plastic strapping, tape slitting and more, making it useful at workplaces. It is also useful at home to cut bottle labels.

Useful Tape Slitter

Tape Slitter at the top of the handle for added convenience.

Hardened stainless-steel blade and durable handle

By increasing the hardness of our washable stainless steel blade, the SK-15 blades are as sharp as regular blades. Glass fiber reinforced plastic makes the handle inflexible.

Large Lanyard Hole


Large lanyard hole is compatible with a variety of fittings. Attaching a lanyard reduces the risk of cutter falling or getting mixed in with goods.

NSF Certified

Its open channel design and stainless-steel blade make the SK-15 easy to wash and NSF certified.

Color variations for easy indentification

SK-15 comes in 3 colors. Using a different color for different tasks makes knife management easier.

Acetone resistance

The SK-15 is solvent resistant and can be cleaned with acetone or other chemicals to remove paint or other solvent-based liquids.

GS Mark – Geprüfte Siterlet (Tested Safety)

The SK-15 has acquired the GS mark, which certifies it meets the quality and safety standards set by the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG).




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